Dog Beds (For truck/trailer holes)

$240.00 $220.00

Most sizes            Extra tops     $40.00
Bed with light weight conveyor belt material top   $270.00    (call for details)

Shipping is at net cost!


Product Description

  • Very comfortable and lessens fatigue for the long hours your dog spends riding to trials, hunt test, or training.
  • Helps eliminate the sores on legs from rubber mats.
  • Very durable heavy duty aluminum frame with tension adjustments that will last a life time. (weight 8 lb.)
  • Each bed is custom made to fit your truck/trailer/crate.
  • Give me the dimensions of your dogs hole (making sure you deduct for the lovers) and I will make to fit
  • Tops are made of the most durable, non stretch, breathable material available.
  • Replacement tops are available.
  • We purchased some corner pieces at a very good price and passing along to customers! Sale $220.00 while quantities last…