Holding Blinds: We make TWO different styles of holding blinds. Both blinds have the following in common

  • New Fabric, 600D MC2 waterproof camouflage that is “Fade Resistant” with tan backing to eliminate glowing in the field. Made special for Magee Retriever Products.

  • Webbing sewn around all poles
  • Double stitched with heavy upholstery thread that has a UV inhibitor
  • 2 Layers of epoxy reinforced webbing are riveted to poles with large flange rivets
  • Your choice of radio/transmitter holder or loops to tie brush
  • Poles are made from light weight, strong DOM, powder coated steel tubing  (4 X stronger than aluminum)
  • All 3-pole blinds are 8′ wide and all 4-pole blinds are 10′ wide
  • Note on shipping UPS/FedEx: As of December 26, 2019 all boxes over 48″ long will require an additional handling charge of $15.50 per box. All blinds are over 48″ tall and require this charge. (up to 4 blinds can be shipped in one box). The difference between shipping one blind and shipping two in the same box is usually $5.00.
  • Commercial addresses incur less added charges than residential addresses. 


 Standard Heavy Duty Blinds:

These blinds have TWIN stakes that are ground to a “screwdriver” tip for easy hammering into hard ground and will hold your blind very secure in all types of soil and high wind.

This adds up to the strongest, most durable holding blind built!

3 Pole X 54″ HD Holding Blind   $125.00

4 Pole X 54″ HD Holding Blind   $148.00 ( most popular size)

Shipping is at net cost!
Club pricing available on holding blinds.

To order click link below or call Lou at 901-574-9998



“T-Pole” Blinds

  • T-Pole blinds have one sharp “step in” stake that makes the blind much lighter
  • Webbing around all poles only to help cut the weight
  • This combination makes a lighter weight yet strong blind.
  • The fabric stands 51″ tall (above ground). The entire blind is 59″ tall.

3-pole X 51″ blind     $120.00

4-pole X 51″ blind   $140.00

Club pricing available!

Shipping is at net cost!

To order click link below or call Lou at 901-574-9998


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